Red lettering with Emergency Notification, On Campus Opt In

Access your Portal to update your emergency information. Notifications are made via text message, email, and phone call. 

Follow these simple steps to update your Portal: Update CSUF Portal

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Questions? Contact (657) 278-2515.


Emergency Notification System Instructions

Safety services offered with picture of campus safety escort

Active Shooter

What to do?

If there is a threat and you can escape:

1) Move away from the threat as quickly as possible.
2) Run if you're able.

If the threat is near you and you can't escape:

1) Find a secure room and lock the door.
2) Put any big object in front of the door to prevent entry.
3) Turn off lights and silence all electronic devices.
4) Hide behind furniture and be as quiet as possible.
5) Wait for CSUF PD to release you from your position.

If you can't (safely) lock the door or escape:

1) Hide and be prepared to disarm the threat.
2) Two to five person (attack team) should be just inside the door to knock down the weapon and push the shooter to the floor and disarm.
3) Do everything you can to survive until CSUF PD arrives. When police enter the room show your hands and follow instructions.

California State University Active Shooter Video 
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Click to take a 45-minute online FEMA course on active shooter situationsOpens in new window

Campus Safety Escort



Our free campus safety escort service is NOT a shuttle service. It is for those individuals who fear walking to or from their class, car, or dorm. 

Please do not use the service for anything other than safety concerns. 

Safety escort services are available to students, faculty, staff, and visitors who fear of walking from campus to their vehicle, class, or dorm.

*Limited to campus boundaries

To request an escort, call (657) 278-2515 or in the event of an emergency use the campus blue phones. Blue Phone MapPDF File Opens in new window

Have the following information ready: (1) name, (2) location, (3) description of clothing

Information on Campus Safety EscortsPDF File Opens in new window - Printable

Available Monday-Thursday, 7am-1am, based on staffing availability.

Emergency Blue Phones

Push the button to connect to Cal State Fullerton PD dispatch

*Blue phones are for emergencies only Blue Phone MapPDF File Opens in new window

Report a Crime or Behavior Concern

Crimes that occur on campus or CSUF property can be reported 24/7

Report Suspicious Activity

To report suspicious activity, call (657) 278-2515

Police Services with picture of live scan

Bicycle Registration

Registering your bicycle with CSUF Police Department increases the chance the thief will be apprehended if your bike is stolen.

To register your bicycle, visit CSUF Police Department with your Titan Card, bicycle, and completed registration formPDF File Opens in new window

Two locations to serve you.

  • Housing Community Resource Center - Cypress Dorm 
  • Main Station - Corner Gymnasium Dr. and State College Blvd.

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Our monthly bicycle registration event is canceled until further notice.

CSUF Police Department and Parking and Transportation team up each month to provide you with a one-stop-shop for everything bicycle. Join us on the following dates to get your bicycle checked by Two Wheeler Dealer bike shop in Fullerton and register your bike for free.

Event Dates:
Canceled until futher notice

Chaplain Services

CSUF Police Department employes one on-call chaplain. The chaplain is available to students, staff, and faculty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To request to speak or meet with a chaplain, please call (657) 278-2515.

The chaplain will meet the student, staff, or faculty member at the police station.

800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831

Child Car Seat Inspection

The CSUF Police Department offers free child car seat inspections by officers who are certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Properly installed safety seats reduce the risk of fatal injury to infants (under one) by 71%.

By Appointment Only - May take up to one hour 

Complete the Child Car Seat Inspection form to schedule an appointment or request additional information.

To make an appointment or ask questions, email CSUF PD PIO or call (657) 278-9636.

Impound & Storage

Tow Information Line: (657) 278-2111

Tow Release Fees

  • $150 for all STORED (non-impounded) vehicles
  • $300 for DUI related (impounded) vehicles
  • $200 for other impounded vehicles
  • $25 for property retrieval

Additional Information

  • Obtain a written release from the police department
  • Cashier's check, money order or credit cards ONLY
  • Vehicle can only be released to the listed registered vehicle owner

Unlicensed or Suspended Driver

  • Vehicle owner is liable for towing, storage, and release fees
  • Vehicle subject to a 30 day hold unless proof is provided that the cited driver's license was reinstated

Vehicle Impound Hearing

You must submit your request within 10 business days of the date appearing on the impound notice

  • In person (CSUF Police Department - 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92831 - Corner of State College Blvd. and Gym Dr.)
  • In writing (CSUF Police Department - 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92831 - Corner of State College Blvd. and Gym Dr.)


CSUF Key Request forms are available to department offices from the CSUF Police Department Key Control Center. 

  • Two working days are required to complete in-person key requests
  • Staff: CSUF ID required
  • Students: CSUF ID and 2nd form of valid picture identification is required

Lost Keys? The first lost key is free. Subsequent lost keys are $25 each. Master keys may vary.

*If CSUF Police Department determines a new lock or re-keying is required, additional fees will be incurred

Key Return
M-F, 8am-5pm
Questions? Call (657) 278-4308

Email for key holds on your account, to return keys, and all other Records related functions.

Live Scan

To schedule a Live Scan appointment, click below.
Schedule a Live Scan AppointmentOpens in new window

Please bring your government-issued ID and complete the Live Scan form prior to arrival.

Live Scan Hours by Appointment Only: M-F, 8:30am-4pm

Lost and Found

Main Campus Hours
M-F, 8am-5pm 
Questions? Call (657) 278-4308