Bicycle Registration (Canceled Until Further Notice)

Join us as we partner with CSUF Parking & Transportation for free bike registration, bike checks, goodies and giveaways.

*Weather Permitting*

All bike registration events are held from 10am-2pm on Titan Walk outside of Titan Shops

Citizen Academy

The Citizen's Academy is a four-week course which provides students, staff, and faculty at CSUF the opportunity to experience the professional life of a police officer.

The course will help the public gain and expand their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a law enforcement officer, and address any common misconceptions regarding split second decisions made during critical situations and common processes in day-to-day police operations.

Through the Citizen’s Academy, the department strives to increase public safety, build trust, and develop a partnership between the diverse CSUF community.

Upcoming Four-Week Course from 6 p.m.-8 p.m.:

Week 1: October 7, 2020
Introduction to CSUF PD
Basic Law Enforcement Principles

Week 2: October 14, 2020
Emergency Communications/Dispatch
Your Safety
DUI/DUID Enforcement
Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)

Week 3: October 21, 2020
CSI vs. Reality/Records
Investigations/Clery Act and Title IX

Week 4: October 28, 2020
Officer Defensive Tactics/Use of Force
Active Shooter Incidents
Ride-Along (Canceled due to COVID-19)

Attendance at all four classes is preferred. Limited spots are available. All October classes will commence via Zoom. 

*Questions not required for Zoom Citizen Academy* (Required for in-person)
1: Have you ever been arrested?
2: Have you been convicted of a felony?

Completion of the application does not guarantee your spot. A member of the department will contact you to confirm your virtual seat. Open to current CSUF students, staff and faculty only. 

To request a Citizen Academy application, email

The Citizen Academy is part of our Police Reform and Enhanced Community Engagement Plan. 

Coffee With A Cop (Canceled Until Further Notice)

Coffee With A Cop brings police officers and the community together to break down barriers, discuss issues and learn more about each other.

Join us for Coffee With A Cop as we partner with the College of Humanities & Social Sciences

All Coffee With A Cop events will be from 9:30am-11am (or while supplies last) on the Humanities Terrace

Community Service Officer (CSO)

*Not hiring at this time!*

The Community Service Officer (CSO) program is a support function for the CSUF Police Department. As a component of the department’s Crime Prevention Unit, student employees serve in a wide range of responsibilities.

Interested in becoming a CSO? Download the Community Service OfficerPDF File Opens in new window job application.
CSOs receive priority registration.

Want to hire a CSO?

To hire a CSO, complete the CSO RequestPDF File Opens in new window  form and email it to CSUF PD PIO.

-Minimum 3 hours per CSO
-Hourly Rate: $19 per CSO (Additional Charge on Holidays)
-All late requests are billed at $23.75 per hour (Less than 14 days in advance)
-Failure to provide all applicable information may invalidate request

Community Service Officers are student assistants employed by the CSUF Police Department. The CSO unit is supervised by a police corporal.

Questions? Call (657) 278-5533

NOTE:  Requests must be made 14 days prior to the event. No guarantees for late submissions.

Emergency Preparedness, Education and Training

Preparedness is important for disasters of any size and any location. In your home, your car, classroom or when you travel, being prepared should be a basic element of it. Learn how to make all aspects of your life safe and ready for anything. 

Are You Ready?Opens in new window

Encouraging a Positive and Interactive Community (EPIC)

EPIC is a cohesive and active approach of engagement with the community. This entails collaborating with students, staff, faculty and organizations on crime prevention programs, professional presentations, educational tabling events and outreach such as Coffee With A Cop.

To schedule an outreach event with CSUF Police Department, email CSUF PD PIO.

Game Changer

Game Changer utilizes sports to create conversation between the community, police officers and justice system officials. The program encourages respectful two-way dialogue which is solution oriented, fun and engaging.

Together we discuss community problems and devise solutions. The moderated focus groups are a safe space which allows members of the community, members of law enforcement, elected officials and members of the judicial system to discuss the issues that exist between and among each other. 

For more information, visit Game Changer

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Event Date

August 31, 2020

Irvine Center

Cal State Fullerton Police Department at Irvine Center provides safety and security to student's, staff, faculty, and visitors. They offer live scan services, safety escorts, and lost and found. 

Cal State Fullerton Police Department employs two full-time Community Service Specialists (CSS) to meet the needs of the Cal State Fullerton Irvine Center.

Learn more about police services at Cal State Fullerton Police Department Irvine CenterOpens in new window or call (657) 278-1626.
Questions? Email a CSS.

Pedestrian Safety Week/Campaign

Our Pedestrian Safety Campaign will take place Fall 2020. Stay tuned for campaign dates.

During that time, officers will be posted at high-traffic intersections around campus to educate and enforce traffic laws as it pertains to pedestrian safety. Remember, pedestrian safety is everyone’s responsibility!

For more information, visit us on social media @CSUFPD.

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) (Canceled Until Further Notice)

RAD is a comprehensive, women-only course that promotes and teaches awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, and hands-on self-defense training. The course is taught by nationally certified RAD instructors who are CSUF police officers.

The course is open to all females. Affiliation with CSUF is not required.
$25 for the entire course
Questions?  Email RAD Instructor

Additional Self-Defense Classes: CSUF Titan Recreation offers Jiu Jitsu classes for anyone interested. 
Click to view CSUF Titan Recreation class schedule. Opens in new window

All RAD classes are canceled until further notice. Please check back for future RAD course dates.

Meet The Team & RegisterOpens in new window

Ride-Along (Canceled Until Further Notice)

All approved and future ride-alongs have been canceled until further notice.

CSUF Police Department offers interested individuals the opportunity to accompany a police officer in the field to observe the patrol activities of the campus and immediate surrounding areas. All Ride-Along participants will be required to complete a background check on the day of their scheduled Ride-Along.

All Ride-Along participants need to sign the Ride-Along WaiverPDF File Opens in new window . All Ride-Along participants under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian signature. 

Questions? Call (657) 278-2905
   Presentations and Training Offered By CSUF PD
Active Shooter        Alcohol Awareness
Campus Safety Distracted Driving
DUI Goggles  Identity Theft
Sexual Assault  Traffic Safety
Procedural Justice Tactical Communications
& De-escalation

For additional safety presentations and training, email CSUF PD PIO.