Ride-Along Program

car stop

The University Police offers interested individuals the opportunity to accompany a police officer in the field to observe the patrol activities of the campus and immediate surrounding areas. This program is offered to better familiarize the University and local communities to the law enforcement function, and to allow those considering a career in law enforcement to better inform themselves on their personal career options.

All Ride Along participants will be required to complete a background check on the day of their scheduled Ride-Along prior to being assigned to a police officer. Those individuals who do not pass the background check will not be eligible to participate in the Ride Along Program. We encourage all individuals submitting a employment application with the University Police Department to schedule a Ride-Along prior to the start of their hiring process.

All Ride-Along participants under the age of 18 will need their parent or guardian to sign the "Ride-Along Waiver Form," which is available at the University Police Department.

If you are interested in participating in the University Police Ride-Along Program, please contact the on-duty watch commander at (657) 278-2905 to schedule your visit.