The purpose of the Patrol Services is to provide a uniform presence and law enforcement services to our campus community. The Police Department actively utilizes a crime reduction model through the use of new technology, proactive patrols, thorough crime investigations, and quality of police reports. The Patrol take pride in timely response to calls for service. Some of the specialized training and education our Police Officers have, include:

Police Emergency Light Bar

Investigation of Crimes:

University Police Officers are responsible for investigating crimes that occur on the main campus and the Irvine Campus. Officers also conduct basic crime scene investigations to include latent print detection, DNA collection, crime scene diagrams, and crime scene photos.

Vehicular, Bike, and Foot Patrol:

We perform patrols utilizing different transportation methods to protect University personnel, property and facilities against accidents, bodily harm, fire, theft, vandalism and illegal entry. We provide general information and assistance to the public and deter crimes through visible and proactive patrols.

Traffic Assistance:

We direct traffic at scenes of accidents and at impacted intersections.


We enforce all applicable state laws, campus regulations, traffic codes, and other state codes. We apprehend and cite violators.


We prepare written reports of incidents reported and observe to include incident, crime and accident reports. May be responsible for investigations (Bureau) related to assigned cases. We track all activities in written format and prepare data for computer entry.


We can provide security for large gatherings, assemblies or other campus activities.

Emergency Preparedness:

Our Police Officer participate in continual training and education related to critical incidents that could occur on campus such as fire disasters, earth quakes, active shooter scenarios, and more. Visit the Emergency Preparedness for more information. Opens in new window