Investigations Bureau

Sergeant Nigel Williams and Corporal Robert Botzheim are Detectives for our Department. They are responsible for following through on case leads and solving cases with the patrol officers. Detectives Williams and Botzheim provide presentations to groups on personal, office and home safety, as well as suggestions for your office and vehicle security.

290 Registration

To register with the University Police Department, please contact investigations to make an appointment. For more information on registration, click here.

Sexual Assault

Cal State Fullerton does not tolerate sexual assault against females or males, whether committed by a stranger or by an acquaintance. The university attempts to protect members of the campus community, including visitors, from sexual assaults and offers any student, faculty or staff member who survives a sexual assault that occurs within the context of the university community the support necessary to enable them to continue to pursue their academic or career goals. For more information click here.

Identity Theft

For information regarding identity theft, click here.

Missing Student Notification

For information regarding missing student notification, click here.

Homeland Security

For information regarding homeland security, click here.

Detective Williams

Detective Sergeant Williams

(657) 278-2903

Detective Williams

Detective Corporal Botzheim

(657) 278-2902

Detective McClain

Detective Officer Corporal

(657) 278-2902

Detective Hollyfield

Detective Officer Hollyfield

(657) 278-2191