Campus CCTV Camera


CSU Fullerton Policy

The CSUF Video Security Policy for the campus, in accordance with the CSU system-wide policy, states that:

  • The Chief of the CSUF Police Department is responsible for compliance with the Systemwide Video Security Camera Policy
  • The Chief of the CSUF Police Department, Division of Information Technology, and Division of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion are responsible for implementation of the CSUF Video Security Policy
  • The CSUF Police Department must be informed of any video security camera installed on campus (complete request form)
  • Installation of any video security cameras requires approval from the Chief of the CSUF Police Department or designee
  • Requests to view footage from video security cameras shall be made to the Chief of the CSUF Police Department or designee and will only be considered if it is regarding official CSUF business. No personal/individual requests will be approved.
  • Union requests to change the location of a camera shall be made to the Chief of the CSUF Police Department or designee
  • Recordings should be retained for a minimum of thirty (30) days. Recordings should be erased or recorded over in a secure manner after thirty (30) days in the absence of a compelling reason to retain or a request from the Chief of the CSUF Police Department, Office of General Counsel or Vice President of Admin/Finance, or their designee.
    • In some instances, data should be retained for at least five (5) years
  • Requests to view footage shall not be made by individuals but through official CSUF department channels regarding official CSUF business only.
  • No departments can install video security cameras independently. Any violators will have their cameras removed.


Campus Surveillance System

In support of the policy released by the Chancellor’s Office regarding systemwide video security camerasOpens in new window , CSU Fullerton has reviewed the policy and has taken the following action items that need to be addressed in order to comply with the policy.



Installation/Replacement of Cameras:

  • New requests will start with the Project Request FormOpens in new window
  • Approval will be sent to University Police to review and approve the use of the cameras
    • Approval is assumed for the following (however, the policy and process must still be followed)
      • Video Security Cameras used specifically to monitor testing locations, lab environments.
      • Covert University Police Department or other law enforcement agency operations for criminal surveillance as governed by federal or state law.
      • Video Security Cameras used specifically to safeguard money, valuable or confidential documents, pharmaceuticals or high value equipment or supplies from theft, destruction, or tampering.
    • The camera/system installed must be compatible with the current system in use by University Police
    • The requesting department will be responsible for funding for all costs associated with the installation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. This includes hardware, labor, services, etc.

Recommendations for future CCTV on campus


  • Purchase/install new cameras in phases.  This is a more practical approach to the challenges that will come with installation in a myriad of locations with different needs/access issues.
  • Bring back Mission Critical Partners to complete a new Surveillance Camera System Gap Analysis Report focusing on interior of buildings and their standard designation of cameras, with an emphasis on elevators, elevator lobbies, ingress and egress, etc. 
  • Parking Structures need to be assessed for significant increase in surveillance cameras.  These locations can make up the third phase of implementation.