Reports, Crime Information and Complaint/Feedback Forms

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The Annual Report is published to highlight the accomplishments and activities of the CSUF Police Department.

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The Annual Security Report is published in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy.

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California State University, Fullerton Police Department prepares this report in compliance with California State Education Code, Chapter 16, of the Donahoe Higher Education Act, Section 67380.

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Institutions that maintain on-campus student housing facilities are required to publish an annual fire safety report that contains information about campus fire safety practices and standards. 

Crime Mapping 

Search crime type, missing persons, stolen vehicles and arrests by date and location

Cal State Fullerton Police Department

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City of Fullerton

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Report a Crime

It is important that all crimes occurring on campus be immediately reported to CSUF Police Department to ensure that appropriate action is taken. Crimes occurring on campus or in/on off-campus buildings and property can be reported 24/7.

Report crimes the following ways:

Complaints, Feedback/Suggestions, Personnel Recognition

A relationship of trust and confidence between members of the CSUF Police Department and the community is essential to effective law enforcement.

It is the policy of this department to investigate all complaints against the department or its employees, including anonymous complaints and provide prompt, just, open and expeditious disposition of complaints regarding the conduct of officers and employees of the department.

To File a Complaint

Complaints are accepted via electronic submission. 

When the investigation of the complaint is complete, it will be classified with one of the following dispositions:

Not Sustained/Unfounded : When the investigation indicates the alleged action did not occur.
Not Sustained/Exonerated :  When the investigation indicated the act occurred but was justified, lawful, and proper.
Not Sustained/Inconclusive :  When the investigation discloses insufficient evidence to clearly disprove the allegations made.
Sustained :  When the investigation discloses the alleged act did occur, and constitutes misconduct or improper job performance.

To Provide Feedback/Suggestions and Personnel Recognition

Feedback, suggestions and personnel recognition are accepted via electronic submission and are an integral part of the community policing process.

This form is intended for use by those submitting feedback, suggestions or personnel recognition to the CSUF Police Department, or those wishing to bring concerns to the department who do not seek a formal investigation.

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We welcome comments on the effectiveness of the CSUF Police Department personnel. All submissions may remain anonymous.

These digitally accessible forms are part of our Police Reform and Enhanced Community Engagement Plan. 

The CSUF Police Department compiles annual statistical summaries, based upon records of internal affairs investigations, which are made available to the public and agency employees in compliance with CALEA requirements.

Summary of Citizen Complaints Against Police Officers - 2020
Case # Allegation Disposition
20-0001 Civil Matter Unfounded
20-0002 Customer Service Unfounded