Crime Analysis

The Department is committed to using technology as a means for combating crime, and over time we believe our efforts in this area will go a long ways towards enhancing the quality of life for all. We have taken many steps to improve our capabilities in terms of utilizing computer technology, and this includes the addition of both personnel and equipment. Enhancing our presence on the web and increasing the availability of statistical information to anyone with an internet connection is something we are committed to improving.

The Department's Crime Analysis Unit actively monitors the level of crime on campus and proactively identifies crime suppression opportunities. This unit is responsible for the coding of crime data entered through our computerized reporting system, responding to both internal and external requests for statistical data and for conducting administrative, strategic and tactical analysis of crime data. The unit actively uses computer technology to compile and analyze data, including a Geographic Information System (Arcview) for crime mapping.

Bike Theft Stats

On Campus Crime Stats