Sexual Assault Information

Cal State Fullerton does not tolerate sexual assault against females or males, whether committed by a stranger or by an acquaintance. The university attempts to protect members of the campus community, including visitors, from sexual assaults and offers any student, faculty or staff member who survives a sexual assault that occurs within the context of the university community the support necessary to enable them to continue to pursue their academic or career goals.

Sex crimes, including but not limited to sexual assaults and rapes, represent violations of criminal and civil law, and constitute serious breaches of student or employee conduct as well. All parties should explicitly agree to any sexual activity. Verbal communications of non-consent, non-verbal acts of resistance or rejection, or mental impairment of the victim due to any cause including the victim's use of alcohol or drugs may constitute lack of consent. The use of alcohol or drugs will not be accepted as an explanation for the actions of any individual charged with a violation of this Policy.

Any individual who has been sexually assaulted, including date or acquaintance rape, is strongly encouraged to report the incident to the University Police, the local police (if off-campus), university officials, faculty or staff members as well as with any civil authorities that an individual deems appropriate. Staff members of Counseling and Psychological Services Opens in new window , Housing Opens in new window Office, Student Health and Counseling Center Opens in new window , WoMen's Center Opens in new window and Dean of Students Opens in new window Office are trained to assist and support victims in notifying appropriate law enforcement authorities regarding such crimes, if requested by the victim.