Cal State Fullerton Police Department, Carl Jones, Chief of Police

Verhulst Statement

The California State University, Fullerton Police Department is aware of recent social media posts regarding one of our officers, Officer Verhulst, and wants to provide the following information to our CSUF community. 

In 2012, when Officer Verhulst was assigned as a police officer with the Cal State San Bernardino Police Department, he responded to a call in which he was required to use lethal force to save the life of his police partner. Consistent with usual protocols in such circumstances, there was an investigation of the incident by the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office. That investigation concluded that the use of force (first less-lethal, then lethal) was appropriate under the circumstances.

The CSU conducted a further review of protocols and training following the incident. As a result, the CSU instituted several mandatory training sessions for all CSU officers, including working with individuals with mental health challenges, de-escalation training, and the use of less-lethal force. These critical trainings remain in effect across the system and for all CSU officers to this day.

After a complete background check, Officer Verhulst joined the CSUF PD in December 2016. His last day of duty on the CSUF campus was in December 2018. In January 2019, he was placed on a special assignment with an outside agency off-campus. He has been assigned to that agency at all times since January 2019 and will continue in that assignment for the foreseeable future.

Our CSUF PD is committed to the University’s principles of social justice and enacting change to better serve our community. If the events described above are causing you distress and you need additional support, please reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services for students 657-278-3040 or the Employee Assistance Program at 888-293-6948. To learn more about CSUF PD policies, practices, and community engagement, please visit

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