Key Control

Requesting University Keys

  • CSUF Key Request forms are available to department offices from University Police Key Control Center. Every key request should be made in the name of the person directly responsible for the key. NO person shall be issued multiple keys for the same area.
  • Department heads/chairs are required to sign all key permits that allow access to their assigned space. Stamped signatures are unacceptable.
  • A Division Head/Department Chair may authorize someone other than himself/herself to approve key requests. This authorization must be in writing on a Key Control Authorization Form, or on department stationary with the Division Head's/Department Chair's original signature and the signature being authorized as it will appear on the key permit, and must be on file with University Police Key Control Center. This authorization must be renewed at the beginning of each fall term or at any time the designated authorization changes.
  • The Key Request Form must be completely filled out, TYPED OR CLEARLY PRINTED, with all required information, and properly signed before a key is issued. Requests not completely filled out, illegible, or not properly signed will be returned to the department.
  • Two working days are required to fill the key request. If the request is submitted by campus mail, the 2 working days begin upon receipt by University Police. University keys must be picked up in person; they cannot be mailed to the requestor.
  • A CSUF Identification Card must be presented when receiving the key. For new employees, a copy of the appointment paper and a valid pictured driver's license is acceptable. For students, a current Student ID and a 2nd valid pictured identification card (driver's license, passport, etc.) is required. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS PORTION OF THE PROCEDURE.
  • Requests for building master keys are processed the same as for a regular key. However, the Vice President or Dean of the College along with the Chief of Police must approve this request . EXCEPTIONAL NEED MUST EXIST FOR THIS APPROVAL. Persons authorized to carry a building master will be required to turn in all other keys issued to them for that building.