Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy, Fire Safety Report, and Campus Crime Statistics Act

The Annual Security Report is prepared by the University Police Department in cooperation with Housing Opens in new window , Judicial Affairs, Student Health and Counseling Center Opens in new window and information provided by local police agencies. To comply with the federal law, the University Police Department collects, crime statistics from local police agencies, by providing the addresses of off campus housing, or off-campus property either owned or controlled by the university, or public property immediately adjacent to campus. All local police agencies, where CSUF property is located provide automated statistics for the property and a radius around the property requested. Click the link at the bottom to view the PDF version of the Annual Security Report or obtained a printed copy at the University Police Station. All Campus security authorities have an obligation to forward to University police information on offenses reported to them for inclusion in the report. Campus security authorities include not only University police, but also employees in the Health Center Opens in new window , WoMen's Center Opens in new window , athletic coaches, resident advisors in Housing Opens in new window , student activity coordinators, and faculty advisors.