Complaints & Commendations

Complaints Photo A relationship of trust and confidence between members of the Department and the community is essential to effective law enforcement. Law enforcement officers must be free to exercise their best judgment and to initiate enforcement action in a responsible, lawful and impartial manner without fear of reprisal. Penal Code Section 832.5 requires that any department that employs peace officers establish a procedure to investigate citizens' complaints against its personnel and make a written description of the procedure available to the public. Every person has a right to file a complaint and all alleged or suspected violations of law, ordinances, Department orders and University rules must be investigated. The University Police Department acknowledges its responsibility to establish a complaint system and disciplinary procedures, which not only will subject the officer to corrective action when there is improper conduct, but also will protect the officer from unwarranted criticism when official duties are properly discharged. It is the policy of this Department to investigate all complaints against the department or its employees, including anonymous complaints and provide prompt, just, open and expeditious disposition of complaints regarding the conduct of officers and employees of this Department.

 How to File a Complaint

Allegations of misconduct may be received at any time of the day or night and may originate from within or outside the Department. Complaints shall be accepted from any source, whether made in person, by mail, by computer or by telephone. Employees receiving complaints shall use the CSUF University Police Department Citizen Complaint Form.

Please click here to obtain the Citizen Complaint Form. PDF File Opens in new window

The complaint will be classified with one of the following dispositions:

Not Sustained / Unfounded - When the investigation indicates the alleged action did not occur.

Not Sustained / Exonerated - When the investigation indicated the act occurred but was justified, lawful, and proper.

Not Sustained / Inconclusive - When the investigation discloses insufficient evidence to clearly disprove the allegations made.

Sustained - When the investigation discloses the alleged act did occur, and constitutes misconduct or improper job performance.

The following is a summary of the most recent year's findings on complaints filed against University Police Department employees.



Case # Allegation Disposition
16-0001 RACIALLY PROFILED Unfounded
16-0003 RUDENESS Unfounded
16-0005 MISCONDUCT Unfounded
16-0006 RACIALLY PROFILED Unfounded
16-0007 MISCONDUCT Unfounded
16-0009 MISCONDUCT Unfounded


We welcome your comments on the effectiveness of CSUF police personnel and the manner in which they conduct themselves. If you would like to commend the actions of one of our CSUF police officers or employees, please complete the Commendation Form.

How to submit a Commendation

If you would like to commend the actions of one of our CSUF police officers or employees, please click here to obtain the Commendation Form PDF File . Completed forms may be submitted in person, my mail, or inner-campus mail. The Commendation Form is also available for pick up at the University Police Department.