Campus Violence Prevention

Following the tragedy of the Virginia Tech shootings, CSUF President Milton A. Gordon issued a message to the Campus community. Below is an excerpt, addressing the readiness of Cal State Fullerton. The message in its entirety may be read here Opens in new window .

"Here at Cal State Fullerton, we place tremendous importance on emergency preparedness and response. The university's emergency and business continuity planning efforts provide administrators with multiple channels to communicate quickly with the university community in an emergency situation.

    • Public address systems are located both outside and inside buildings throughout the entire campus. Supplemented by loudspeakers on University Police vehicles, they provide the ability to blanket the campus with emergency information.
    • We have invested in electronic calling systems that can "blast" emergency messages simultaneously to the office, cell and home telephone numbers of all faculty and staff. This is in addition to a similar system we use for contacting students.
    • Our campus network provides the capacity to "blast" simultaneous e-mail messages to all members of the university community.
    • University Police is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by sworn police officers who have received advanced training for active shooter situations. In addition, agreements are in place with local police agencies to provide assistance as needed.
    • People can contact University Police by dialing 911 from any campus phone or utilizing the "Code Blue" phones located throughout the campus. Individuals using their cell phones while on campus who dial 911 will be connected directly to University Police.
    • In the event of a campus emergency, the Campus Operation and Emergency Closure Information Line (657-278-4444) is updated with the latest information.
    • CSUF's Emergency Preparedness Website includes comprehensive information for CSUF faculty, staff and students on campus emergency preparedness policies and procedures. It can be reached at Opens in new window .

"Cal State Fullerton is committed to providing its faculty, staff, administrators, students and visitors an accessible, attractive and safe campus in which to learn, study and work. Acts of violence and threats of violence endanger the well-being of members of the university community and the open dialogue and free exchange of ideas intrinsic to higher education. We will not tolerate acts or threats of violence against members of this community, and are committed to taking all steps necessary to remain vigilant and to keep our campus safe. More information about university policy regarding violence in the workplace can be found at Opens in new window ."

Resources for the Prevention of Violence

Environmental Health & Instructional Safety (EH&IS), in coordination with University Police, has made available a number of documents and guides for faculty, staff, and students to help recognize, respond to, and prevent campus violence.

(PDF Brochures)

Preventing and Responding to Campus Violence PDF File Opens in new window

Concerns about Campus Safety can be sent via online form at the following link:Campus Safety Report Opens in new window

Faculty and Staff can voice their concerns about the behavior of campus employees via the online report at this link: Behavior Concern Report Opens in new window

More violence prevention resources are available through Environmental Health & Instructional Safety on their website Opens in new window .

Reporting Acts or Threats of Workplace Violence

    1. Report all acts or threats of violence to University Police at ext. 2515 or Environmental Health and Instructional Safety at ext. 7233. The Campus Safety Report Opens in new window can also be used for reporting.
    2. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

WHO - Name, description, address, phone number, faculty, staff, student, or visitor
WHAT - The circumstances and sequence of events leading up to the incident
WHEN - Time of day
WHERE - Location the incident took place
HOW Describe how the offense was committed
WHY - What was the cause of the incident

  1. The responding person will discuss the course of action. If necessary, a follow-up will be conducted at a later time.
  2. All reports of workplace violence will be reviewed by the Chief of Police for possible follow-up.