The University's Drug Policy

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The University's policy on the possession, use and sale of drugs are outlined in the Presidential Directives Opens in new window , which are reprinted in the Student Handbook Opens in new window . The university recognizes that drug dependency is an illness and a health problem. Information, presentations and referral services are available on campus to assist students in finding alternatives to substance abuse, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and the ability to cope with problems as they arise.

The Student Health and Counseling Center Opens in new window provides an ongoing health education program on drug abuse. The Center's health educator maintains an active outreach program involving presentations to student clubs and organizations, residence halls, fraternity and sororities, and classes.

The University Police Department enforces all federal and state laws, as well as the University's zero-tolerance policy, for the use and sale of illegal drugs. Violators are subject to university discipline, criminal prosecution and removal from University housing. Students engaging in the sale of illegal drugs will be expelled. Students found in violation of University drug policies may be subject to academic probation, suspension or expulsion. Parents or guardians may be notified about any disciplinary violation involving alcohol or a controlled substance which has been committed by a student who is under the age of 21.

Employees in violation of the university drug policies may be subject to corrective action or dismissal or be required to participate fully in an approved counseling or rehabilitation program. Applicable legal sanctions under local, State and Federal law for the unlawful possession of distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol range from probation, diversion imprisonment in the county jail for less than year, to imprisonment in State prison.