Missing Student Notification

Federal law requires that the University report both to local law enforcement and to the student's designated contact person when campus residents are determined missing for 24 hours (i.e., no one can identify where they are). If the missing student is less than 18 years of age and not emancipated, the University is also required to notify their parent or guardian. Campus residents have the opportunity to provide a confidential contact person, if they are determined missing, along with other emergency contact information to the Housing and Residence Life staff. This information is confidential and only utilized in emergencies. The CSUF Police shall always be notified if a campus resident has been determined to be missing for over 24 hours, regardless of whether the student has provided a confidential contact. When a campus resident is believed missing, the situation should be reported immediately to the Director of Housing and Residence Life and/or the CSUF Police. After investigation of the missing person report, and the person is determined missing for 24 hours, the office of Housing and Residence Life and/or the CSUF Police will notify the student's missing student contact, if provided. The CSUF Police will follow the State mandates for investigation of a missing person and utilize local and county law enforcement resources during the investigation.