Homeland Security Preparedness

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Homeland Security Advisory System Threat Conditions:

Threat Levels GREEN, BLUE, or YELLOW:

Ensure your family is prepared for security threats with emergency home supplies, e.g., non-perishable foods, bottled water, flashlights/batteries, candles, radio, prescription medications, etc. Learn the locations of the nearest two emergency shelters. Have an alternate, out of area or out of state, phone number where you can contact family members when local phone lines are disrupted or cut-off.
Be familiar with your work area's emergency exit procedures (i.e., how notice is given, locations of exits and safe assembly areas) and identify the building marshals assigned to your work area.

Cooperate in, and take seriously, any campus emergency drill.
Lock your vehicle any time it is unattended and remove or cover valuable items.

Report to University Police or your supervisor:

  • Suspicious individuals, particularly those carrying suitcases or other containers, or those observing, photographing or asking questions about operations or security measures.
  • Unidentified vehicles parked, or operated in a suspicious manner, on or in the vicinity of campus buildings.
  • Abandoned parcels or suitcases.
  • Any other activity you consider suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Review mail handling and delivery procedures. Monitor campus communications and news sources for terrorist alerts.
Review the State Department's travel warnings prior to traveling.

Threat Level ORANGE - High Risk:

  • Continue preparations recommended under previous threat conditions.
  • Monitor inventories of critical supplies and reorder if necessary.
  • Carry or wear University identification at all times while at work.
  • Contact the University Police or your supervisor if mail or packages appear unusual (i.e. Irregular shapes, improper titles or names on the address label, leaking liquids or anything that is unusual or suspicious).
  • Housing residents should review their emergency plan.
  • Contact University Police to review plans for public events.

Threat Level RED - Severe Risk:

  • Continue preparations recommended under previous threat conditions.
  • Report immediately any suspicious or unusual activity to University Police or your supervisor.
  • Avoid repeating unsubstantiated information or rumors.
  • Be prepared that access to certain buildings may be restricted.
  • Be prepared that certain parking areas may be closed.
  • Be prepared to leave the campus with little notice.
  • Take personal security precautions.