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Chief Carl Jones

Chief of Police
Carl Jones


Meet our Chief

Chief of Police Carl Jones began his career in law enforcement in 1995 with the California State University, Long Beach Police Department immediately following 20 years of service to our great country with the United States Marine Corps. He gained a wealth of knowledge and experience during the following four years as a patrol officer and lateraled to California State University, Fullerton Police Department. In 1999, Jones was promoted to the position of sergeant where he assumed the duties of patrol shift supervisor.

Jones became a member of the CSU Critical Response Unit (CRU) as a lead instructor for Defensive Tactics, Impact Weapons, Tactical Communications, and Crowd Management. CRU is a highly trained unit composed of police officers from across the CSU system. The unit is available upon request, with the Chancellor's approval, to assist CSU campuses with critical incidents, emergencies, and disasters. CRU officers receive specialized training to protect life and property and support campuses during a natural disaster and civil disorder.

Through the years, Jones was promoted to lieutenant and later became a captain at which time he oversaw patrol operations which included Irvine Center, the Traffic Division, K-9, and the Communications Center. 

With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Jones recognized the need for his expertise at the ground level of a police officer’s training and became a part-time Cadet Counselor and Tactical Officer at the Rio Hondo Basic Police Academy from July 2000-November 2019. In addition to police tactics, Jones taught ethics, use of force, defensive tactics, ground fighting, physical training, and conducted drills and ceremonies.

Jones is cognizant of the important role public safety plays on a university campus and recognizes educational law enforcement's task is to develop and maintain healthy relationships with the community, thereby solidifying a partnership of respect and trust. 

The California State University, Fullerton Police Department is committed to building upon community policing initiatives by continuing outreach programs such as Coffee with A Cop and introducing additional outreach programs such as Breaking Barriers United and WYSM “Why’d You Stop Me.” Jones will continue his support for already established programs such as Game Changer, CSUF PD Connections, and the Special Olympics which are geared towards making the police department more accessible and transparent within the community.

Our Values

The CSUF Police Department is committed to providing quality service to the university to facilitate its academic and community service mission. The CSUF Police Department will successfully meet this challenge by upholding professional standards that embody the following values:

Service Orientation

This organization seeks to distinguish itself by seizing opportunities to respond and serve our university community. This is accomplished through a sincere interest in meeting the needs of our customers and a swift response to their concerns.

Effective Leadership

This organization will take a leadership role and serve as an active partner in our university community. We will achieve this through integrity and professionalism and will seek guidance from our community in being a catalyst for change and development.


This organization encourages individual responsibility, mutual respect, and collaboration to broaden understanding. We will pursue opportunities to grow and develop, to actively invest resources and ideas in achieving shared visions and goals.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to ensuring the university community's right to a crime-free environment through exemplary and professional service. 

To foster equityinclusion, and an atmosphere of respect for all. As we move forward in these uncertain times, we vow to police from the center and be part of the community and not isolated from it. Although for many years we have had a robust community engagement and training program, we recognize the need for other voices, your voices, as a staple within our department. 

We intend to address reform demands by embarking on a "Meet & Greet" Tour which is based on the following three tenets of enhanced community engagement:

  • Training and Values: What this organization has done to further train its personnel. This includes implicit bias training, use of force, hate crime investigations, bias-based policing, officer mental health, and the chaplaincy support services available to the community.
  • Empowerment: Empowering the community and our peace officers to work together through the Chief's Advisory Board, transparency regarding use of force data, digital complaint and feedback process, participation in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, and moderated focus groups with the community such as Game Changer. 
  • Outreach: In addition to the traditional forms of outreach, partner with Student Affairs, and assign officers to student groups and organizations to engage in critical conversations, develop relationships, and foster trust. Engage in two-way conversation with all members of the CSUF community through the Citizen's Academy. This critical component will provide insight into law enforcement on the CSUF campus, allow respectful dialogue and answer questions and misconceptions regarding policing.

We will actively engage in sharing this detailed plan with the public and provide ways in which interested groups or organizations may schedule a presentation time. 

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CSUF Police Department Units 

Command Staff

Photograph of Captain Willey and Lieutenant Mullaney

Command Staff consists of the Chief of Police Carl Jones, a captain, and lieutenant.

  • Captain Willey:
    Administrative Services
  • Lieutenant Mullaney: Operations

Communications Center


Responsible for answering 9-1-1 calls (24/7), the Communications Center dispatches police and CSO's, works with campus departments and outside agencies, and is staffed by 7 full-time and 3 part-time dispatchers.

Community Service Officer 

Photograph of Community Service Officers

CSUF Police Department employs 15 student CSOs.

They provide services such as nightly safety escorts, loss prevention, fire watches, campus patrols, awareness, education, and much more.

To learn more about the CSO program, visit the CSO Program page.

Crime Prevention 

Crime Prevention

CSUF Police Department provides crime prevention training for students, faculty and staff to decrease crime campus wide. Officers attend orientation programs to inform the campus community of services provided by the police department and Crime Prevention Unit.

To contact the Crime Prevention Unit, email CSUF PD PIO.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Emergency management focuses on preparing faculty, students and staff for emergencies. The focus is on the coordination of evacuation drills, mock disasters, active shooter training and various additional programs throughout the year. 

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Investigations Bureau

Investigations Bureau

The goal of the bureau is the apprehension and successful prosecution of criminals, recovery of stolen property and continued positive communication with the community. It is staffed by a detective sergeant and 2 corporals.

Questions? Email Sergeant Launi

K9 Team

Photograph of the K9 Team

K9 Glock and his handler Officer Bauer, make up UPD's Explosives Detection Team.
Glock and Officer Bauer have been a team since October, 2017. Glock is a black lab and is certified through POST, ATF and DHS. 

They are utilized at concerts, graduations, dignitary protection, bomb threats, were an integral part of the security effort at SoFi Stadium and the Super Bowl Experience, and more.

North County SWAT  

North County SWAT

CSUF Police Department partners with Fullerton, Brea, La Habra, La Palma and Placentia Police Departments which make up North County SWAT. 

The team is specifically trained and equipped to handle calls such as those involving barricaded suspects, hostage situations and riots. 


Photograph of CSUFPD Patrol Vehicle

Patrol consists of 12 officers, 5 corporals and 4 sergeants. They provide service to Cal State Fullerton main campus and Irvine Center. The department maintains proactive patrols throughout the campus community.

In 2017, patrol officers responded to 10,250 calls for service.

Professional Staff  

Photo of Professional Staff

Professional staff is comprised of civilian employees who play a critical role in supporting the department. They create and manage the administrative structure and provide professional expertise across a diverse range of functions.

Records Bureau

Photograph of Records Bureau Staff

Comprised of civilian employees, the Records Bureau is responsible for the control and maintenance of all police reported incidents, crime, collision and stolen property reports as well as processing reports for the North Justice Center. 

Email csufkeys@fullerton.edu for key holds on your account or to return keys during the COVID-19 adjusted hours. 

Traffic Bureau 

Photograph of Traffic Bureau

CSUF Police Department employs two motor officers whose main objective is educating the campus community on traffic safety.

They conduct lectures and safe driving demonstrations, engage in DUI Enforcement and partner with other law enforcement agencies throughout Orange County.

Have a traffic question? Email our Traffic Bureau regarding traffic-related violations, towed vehicles or general inquiries.

Email a traffic officer

Join Our Team

The CSUF Police Department is comprised of a diverse and extraordinary contingent of men and women who dedicate themselves every day to upholding our mission to ensure the University community's right to a crime-free environment through exemplary and professional service.

Interested in becoming part of the CSUF Police Department team? View our job availabilities below or set up a search alert with Jobs@CSUFOpens in new window . We look forward to hearing from you.

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