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Fix-it Ticket Citation

A fix-it ticket is given to a motorist for violations such as missing license plates and burnt-out bulbs on your lights. These tickets require you to fix or correct your violation and pay a fine. Listed below are steps on how to fix your fix it ticket.

  1. Note the date for your court appearance on the bottom of your ticket. This is the deadline by which you must fix the violation.
  2. Correct your violation immediately since it may take time to repair. Common violations can include improper fenders and cracked windshields, which can take weeks to correct. You must be able to demonstrate the repair by the deadline or face additional penalties.
  3. Take your vehicle, drivers license and fix-it ticket to your local police or sheriff department during regular business hours. They will sign the bottom of your ticket if the violation has been fixed.
  4. Call the court that is located on the bottom of your ticket to determine what your administrative fee will be. You will need your correct ticket number to access this information. You also may receive a notification in the mail, but don't rely on that because the fine is large if you fail to fix your ticket on time.
  5. Make a copy of your ticket and your check or money order to prove that you have fixed your violation on time. Make sure you also copy the back of your ticket and the bills for any repairs.
  6. Mail your ticket and payment, or take it to the court yourself. If you're cutting it close to the due date, personally bring it to the court.

Traffic Citation (Moving Violation)

Traffic Photo

If you have received a traffic citation on campus you must appear in court on the date and time listed on the citation. It can be done thru the North Justice CenterFor more information click here. For all violations, your court date/time/place are on the front of this notice to appear. Have the citation with you when contacting the court. In all infraction cases, you must do one or more of the following for each violation:

  • Pay the fine (bail).
  • Appear in court.
  • Contest the violation.
  • Correct the violation (traffic cases, when applicable).
  • Request traffic school (traffic cases, when applicable).
  • Request trial by written declaration (traffic cases).

Correctable Violations

If the "Yes" box is checked on the front of your ticket, the violation is correctable. A violation specified in Vehicle Code section 40303.5 may be dismissed upon proof of correction if none of the following conditions of exist: (Rule 850, California Rules of Court; Vehicle Code section 40610(b))

  1. Evidence of fraud or persistent neglect;
  2. The violation represents an immediate safety hazard;
  3. The violator does not agree to or cannot promptly correct the violation.